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Gb Pallet wikkelmachine Pallet sealmachine

Diversen Micellaneous

 Mima systems Ecomat 2000 Pallet Wikkelmachine / Folie sealmachine

Manufacturer: ITW Mima Systems

Model: Ecomat 2000

Manufactured: 2001

Power requirements 220-240 V/50 Hz
Machine dimensions 2575×1650 mm
Machine max. height 2900 mm
Turntable diameter 1650 mm
Film carriage Adjustable climbing speed
Machine weight 430 kg
Turntable speed 2-12 ot./min
Wrapping height 2400 mm
Turntable height 80 mm
Max. pallet weight 2000 kg (1200 kg for FS option model)
Max. pallet dimensions Width = 1200 mm, Lenght = 1200 mm

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